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Your Security

The security and confidentially of your information is a top priority and we have undertaken a under of steps to ensure this. We are open and transparent in how we collect, store, access and protect your data and in-turn confident that this provides the level of reassurance and trust you require.

  • Our site is served over a secure SSL certificate
  • BeeMyMinder is custom built for protection
  • We do not ask for or store your bank details
  • We are on the Data Protection Register

Your information is safe with us

  • Data security – all data is hosted in the UK with a well-known hosting provider that has fully owned state of art Data Centres. Monitored 24/7
  • Backups – there are multiple daily backups so you data will not be lost. All data is stored in real-time and given it is hosted on the cloud, if your computer is lost or stolen your data is still safe and secure
  • Encryption - information that is passed from your computer to our servers uses certified high-level 256-bit encryption (called SSL), same as used for online banking
  • Access control – you set-up your own password protected account which no-one else has access to it. Even we can’t see your documents you have uploaded
  • Personal Information Promise – we have registered on the Data Protection Register and have committed to the Information Commissioner’s office ‘Personal Information Promise’ covering how we handle your data
  • Collecting Information – we don’t need bank account details, so don’t ask for them. We try to minimise the amount of personal information required and when adding a policy you decide how much or little to add
  • Sharing Information – we only share with third party providers when you have given us explicit consent. You control which users policies can be shared with, not us.

Security FAQs

We require some basic details when you register (just like any other website). For each policy / bill you decide how much information to provide. Even attaching a document is optional.

Only you and any person(s) you have shared your policies with. For audit purposes and to respond to any queries we can access only necessary user details. We cannot access any documents that have been uploaded.

Only if you give us explicit consent e.g. when you agree to speak to a FCA financial advisor