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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Here are some commonly asked questions.

Save time, save money and be in control of your personal and household polices, bills and agreements. Stop being solely dependant on paper records.

Be rest assured your security and confidentially is our upmost priority. Refer to our Bee Secure page and our blog -

No we don't need to. If you subscribe to a Premium Package your payment details are via PayPal (not stored with us).

We require some basic details when you register (just like any other website). For each policy / bill you decide how much information to provide. Even attaching a document is optional.

Thousands of providers and their contact details have been preloaded, so just select yours. If yours is not there, choose Other and you can enter their details manually. We try to keep these lists as up to date as possible, so please send us feedback to let us know if we are missing one.

To select a policy type, enter some key information, set a reminder, attach a document and share with an appropriate person takes less than 3 minutes (yes – we timed ourselves). Just have your paper policy / bill to hand. With the APP it's quicker!

From 1st February 2022, all users have the ability to add as many as they like! It was capped at five (unless on the Premium subscription).

Yes - simply click Edit beside your policy.

Simply choose your locally saved file (any format) and click add. Multiple files can be uploaded per policy. It takes no time at all. The APP will allow you to take a picture and upload immediately.

All users can now add up 3 associates (was previously limited to Premium subscription only). So when adding or editing a policy / bill you can share it with them. Simply add them and an email will be sent to them to accept. You can unshare at any time. Note: once shared they will also receive the same reminders.

When you add a policy / bill you enter an End Date, the system will automatically generate a Reminder Date (usually 1 month before the End Date). You can change it to a date specific to you at any time. You can set up to three bespoke reminders (was previously only for Premium subscribers).

You can choose to receive an email reminder, a text reminder or both. We then send reminder(s) prior to policy / bill End Date, plus one more afterwards to ensure you have found a new deal and remain you to place the old policy in MySafe.

When you log in you are taken to your MyMinder dashboard. It shows all policies / bills due to expire.

All users can click ‘Move policy to MySafe’ option beside your expired policy / bill (it is not deleted and there for future reference).

MySafe stores all policies / bills that have ended. Easy for future referencing or comparing what you had paid or the clauses they contained.

Only you and any person(s) you have shared your policies with. For audit purposes and to respond to any queries we can access only necessary user details. We cannot access any documents that have been uploaded.

Only if you give us explicit consent e.g. when you agree to speak to a FCA financial advisor

Yes - BeeMyMinder is downloadable from both the App Store and Google Play

This is for UK households and individuals.

Fill in our feedback form. We love hearing back from satisfied clients and also answering your questions.

No. We have made the Premium Package (which was £2.99 per month), free. You get all the features (and use of the APP) for no charge.

We licence the BeeMyMinder storage and reminder platform to other online companies who are need of supporting their clients. We have removed the Premium Package subscription model.

We would be sad to see you go. However, you can use our feedback form (or e-mail and inform us that you would like your data removed. We will then delete your account and associated information. From 25th May 2018 - you will also be able to inform us that you would like to revoke your consent to the 'processing' of your data (under the General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR).